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Investment Management

We do not offer standardized solutions. Instead, we listen first, gather information, and make recommendations based on our clients' specific situation and goals. Because each one of our clients is unique, each one needs a unique investment strategy.

Our investment management services are a part of our comprehensive financial planning services. An appropriate investment strategy is one that takes into account the client's specific goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, financial position, and ability to save.

Our investment management services include:

  • Helping clients determine how much to invest to achieve their goals
  • Advising clients on what types of accounts and products are most appropriate for them
  • Recommending investment strategies appropriate for a client's time horizon and risk tolerance
  • Building portfolios that are broadly diversified across market sectors and asset classes
  • Rebalancing portfolios in order to maintain target asset allocations
  • Monitoring and minimizing fees and expenses
  • Working with our clients' accountants, attorneys, and other advisors to coordinate services
  • Discouraging market timing and helping to prevent our clients’ making emotional rather than rational investment decisions
  • Facilitating transfers, withdrawals, contributions, and other transactions
  • Reviewing our clients' accounts with them to keep them informed
  • Educating our clients so that they fully understand and are comfortable with the strategies we are using
  • Making ourselves available to answer questions and address issues as they come up